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Each artistic experience requires careful consideration to provide the level of satisfaction that is included in every masterpiece. To connect ideas and synchronize our goals, please book a free quote.

Experience & Expertise

Areas of Artistic Focus

Oils & Canvas

The canvas for each masterpiece produced is hand-stretched. Additionally, acrylics are avoided at all costs for the quality of the end product and to preserve the environment.


Murals often provide the most impactful pieces. Through the sheer size of a mural, a viewer may be instantly transported to emotions and places of serene understanding and enlightenment.

Handmade Frames

Each client is given the opportunity to select a stock frame or a hand crafted, custom made frame. No piece leaves the studio without being outfitted with a frame that matches the inspired quality of the overall piece.

Projects & Posts

Let Go & Explore Inspired Works

Lipperd Around The Web

As we journey through life, the internet sometimes follows us with its digital breadcrumbs. In more reflective moments, reviewing these electronic trails of our story help to add luster to the depth of who we are. In this post, a nod is given to Brian Lipperd’s world travels: Present – Beaumaris Art Group Studios Present […]

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The Bridge Improv Theater

The Bridge Improv Theater (2021) November 19th, 2021 – December 31st, 2021, various portraits of Brian Lipperd may be viewed at The Bridge Imrov Theater in Tempe, Arizona, USA.  The current gallery which is displayed includes the following: Lipperd will be featuring more work at The Bridge Improv Theater and this post will be updated […]

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Wolf and Wren

Brian Lipperd has been commissioned at the Wolf & Wren restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, to produce several 20′ murals. This client has requested that all photography be limited until the facility is open to the public. This project is currently in progress and updates will be posted here as soon as we have them! Please […]

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